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LiveScan Fingerprinting

We provide LiveScan Fingerprinting for the State of Utah. Please read all of the following instructions carefully before you call to schedule an appointment. We will confirm if you have read the instruction website when you call. If you have not, you will be directed to the website and told to call back after you have read through them. Call to schedule your appointment during regular business hours, 9a-5p Monday-Friday. 

1. You MUST bring a PRINTED LiveScan Fingerprinting authorization form with your personal information on it. 
  • We cannot print or provide you with a form. This is typically provided by your employer. Child care licensing forms are available online.
  • Forms for Direct Patient Access, EMS, Behavioral Health, and other Healthcare fields have an EXPIRATION date in the bottom paragraph. This date cannot have passed or we cannot do your prints. You will need to contact your employer to get a new form. (Example of this form below)
  • Forms for Childcare, Medical Cannabis, Teachers, and other non-healthcare related fields do not have Expiration dates. They also look different then the example below but contain much of the same information.
  • This list is not all inclusive so if you have a form but are unsure if we can do your prints, please call.
2. You must bring a picture ID.
3. You must bring $20 (CASH ONLY) per print submission- If you have to get prints for Child Care and EMS for example, your prints would need to be scanned two seperate times in order to be sent to each agency and cost $40.
4. You must wear a mask. 
5. You must be on time. If you are too early you may have to wait until your scheduled time and if you are too late you may be told you have to reschedule.

Our address is 570 North Main Street, Kaysville. When using some mapping sites you must enter 570 Main Street, Kaysville. Leave the "North" out. If you find yourself in Layton or Farmington you have entered the North and it redirected you to the wrong place. Below is a picture of our office so you know what to look for.

When you arrive, please park in the front of the building near the front doors. Do not pull behind the building or park in the north driveway. After you arrive please remain in your vehicle or outside the building. Call us and let us know you are here for your scheduled appointment. DO NOT ENTER THE BUILDING. This is part of our COVID19 precautions. One of our staff will put on the proper Protective Equipment and come out to get you. Only the person getting fingerprinted will be allowed in the building, anyone accompanying that person will be asked to wait outside. Everything typically takes 5-10minutes to complete but waits could be longer depending on staff availability. 

Please note that we are not performing your background check, that is being done by your employer. We are only taking your fingerprints and submitting them to be processed as part of your background check. Essentially, we are fancy finger photographers. We do not do ink cards or print out fingerprints.

Link to Child Care Licensing forms website: